20 Sept 2013

Second attempt at Paper Marbling

After my first attempt at paper marbling, I was ready to give up but thanks to encouragement from you lovely lot I decided to give it one more go. So did my attempt look like the photo in the book this time? Nope! But it was a huge improvement on last time... and this time I didn't cover my kitchen floor in wallpaper paste whilst trying to tidy up =)

I'm still not sure if I will use my marbled paper to cover my notebook for the #craftblogclub challenge. Either way I am glad I had another go! Here is a reminder of my first attempt.

Not good... Here are some of sheets from my second attempt.

Not exactly a work of art but I'm much happier with it! So thank you for the encouragement! I have another idea that I want to try out so who knows what will happen to my poor notebook! Haha =)

Bye for now!
Hayley x

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  1. Oooh I rather like that effect, so pretty! I'm following you on Blog lovin Hayley, you can find the button here http://www.bloglovin.com/widgets to put on your blog so other folks can too. And, what's great is that rather than bookmarking everyone's individual blogs, your blog lovin account puts them all in one place for you to read. So you stay sane. Also, I love what you nappy creations I think they're fabulous! x