25 Sept 2013

#CraftBlogClub notebook challenge

Well I finally finished my notebook! All it took was two attempts at paper marbling, a big mess and a bit of swearing ;)

Why the alien? Well I was looking through my embellishments and found this little guy. He has a sticky pad on his back and when I put him on to see what it looked like, the sticky pad got well and truely stuck... I was going to re-position him but the paper was going to tear so he can stay there lol.

So I have completed the challenge, even if I did it very clumsily. At one point I didn't think I was going to finish at all, as my blood pressure was rising and I was very close to hurling the notebook out of my bedroom window! Oh well... Bring on the October challenge! 

Hayley x 


  1. Ahh, the dreaded pink notebook of doom!!! Yours looks fab :) and well done for getting it finished in time!!

  2. Haha yep the notebook of doom! Thank you =) I love yours too xx

  3. Love it! That's so pretty - your perseverance paid off in the end, it's lovely! x

  4. Ha, that Alien wasn't going anywhere! The marbling looks fab though. What are you going to do for Octobers? Me, I'm clueless.

  5. Thank you Emma and CB. I'm going to do something that I have always wanted to try... Paper cutting =D x