18 Sept 2013

Notebook project disaster!

The #craftblogclub challenge this month is to cover a notebook. I decided to have a go at something I hadn't tried before... Paper marbling. Basically paper marbling is when you drop paint into a wallpaper paste mixture so that the paint floats on top. Then you use a cocktail stick to swirl the paint into a pretty pattern and place a sheet of paper on top so it absorbs the paint.

My idea was that I would marble some sheets of paper and use them to cover my notebook. Then I have some embellishments that I was going to decorate it with. So what happened? Well here is the photo of what the finished product should look like, from the book I am using as a guide.

And here is a photo of one of the sheets I made...

Need I say any more? So it didn't exactly go to plan. I'm thinking of a plan B for my notebook but unfortunately that isn't the end of the story. Because I was now faced with a problem...

How do you dispose of wallpaper paste???

There is probably a really simple answer to that (if you know, please comment) but I wasn't sure what to do. So I started to pour some of it down the sink and then thought "Maybe not, that can't be good for the plumbing!" So then I decided to pour it into a plastic bag and put it in the bin. Which is probably the sensible thing to do. Unfortunately I made a slight mistake, so I have a tip for everyone. Which is:

"If you are going to tip something that is partially liquid into a plastic bag, check that the bag doesn't have holes in the bottom!"  

I am hanging my head in shame as I type. But I am all cleaned up now so I can laugh about it haha! Hope my story gave you a giggle, I am now going off to think of another idea for my notebook... If you have had any crafting disasters please comment below, it might make me feel like less of an idiot!

Hayley x


  1. Oh bless you! Although I have tried many projects from books that haven't *quite* turned out how they should!!

    Maybe try searching for some unusual printables/papers (there are loads free online) to use instead?

  2. Thanks Anthea, think I'll try that =) x

  3. What a brilliant idea - it's a shame it didn't go to plan BUT that isn't to say it won't work next time! x

  4. you can buy proper marbling kits from hobbycraft - they look lovely - i'd never heard of doing it with wall paper paste.

  5. I'll have to look into that next time chickywiggle, I didn't realise you could get kits. Would probably have been a lot easier! x